April 21, 2024

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Jesus – The Son of God

2000 years ago a Messiah was born in Jerusalem who shook the world in just 3 years. A messiah like none other, someone who loved sinners, someone who came to save those who hated him, spit in his face and crucified him for the love he offered them.

Jesus Christ was a radical, the way he spoke, the way he taught, every single thing he did was radical but absolutely incredible.

Jesus walked on the waters, healed the sick and raised the dead like no other prophet could do since creation. History remarks his miracles, his power like none other. He was a supernatural being, the Son of God.

His softest palms were pierced with nails, body was broken like bread and blood was given for sinners who deserved no mercy. This remains the greatest sacrifice in history, a sacrifice that turned the earth upside down. His priceless and impeccable love even forgave those who murdered him.