July 22, 2024

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Father Jose Maria Rubio – The Miracles Which Made Him Saint

Father Jose Maria Rubio died on May 2nd 1929, sitting on an armchair with his eyes set on the sky. It is said that across the city of Madrid people kept repeating; “a saint has died!”  Which meant that in his lifetime people already considered him a saint because of the way he helped the poor, the simple life he lived, and his passion to teach everyone the word of God.

But today we want to help you to know of the three most powerful healings that have been officially recognized as Miracles in the name of Father Jose Maria Rubio. They took place in chronological order in Dalias, his birthplace, Madrid, the city he loved, and Aranjuez, where he died.

  • First Miracle – 1944 – Maria Dolores Terrés

In July 1944, Dr. Alberto Berdejo diagnosed María Dolores Terrés with a malignant, life-threatening tumor, and ordered her hospitalization. Her incarnation sister thought of Father Rubio and began the novena prayers. Incredibly, when she was finally admitted to the hospital, there was no trace of the tumor nor was there any sign of its existence. Due to this miracle, the process of “fame of holiness and miracles” for Father Rubio was initiated on April 30th, 1945.

  • Second Miracle – 1953 – Maria Victoria Guzman

At the age of two and half years, Maria Victoria suffered from tuberculous meningitis that could have inevitably led to her death. Her mother thought that nothing was impossible for God, and she asked someone to look for a relic of Father Rubio. After a while, the girl overcame the disease without any natural explanation, a miracle that served for the beatification of Father Rubio, on October 6th, 1985.

  • Third Miracle – 1987 – Jose L. Gomez-Muntan, S.J.

This was the complete healing without any medical explanation for a malignant lung tumor in advanced expansion stage. Fr. Santiago García-Lomas, superior of the professes house where José L. Gómez-Muntán used to reside, asked for his healing through the intercession of Father Rubio for whom he had great devotion. This miracle was presented for the canonization of Father Jose Maria Rubio.

For Father Jose Maria Rubio´s canonization, 33 eyewitnesses testified and the 3 previously mentioned miraculous healings were taken into consideration.

On May 4th 2003, Father Jose Maria Rubio was canonized in Madrid by Pope John Paul II.