July 21, 2024

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Dalias – The Land of a Saint (Jose Maria Rubio Peralta)

Dalias is a small, typical Spanish town situated 47 kilometers from Almeria in the south of Spain. It is well known for its beauty, energetic atmosphere and friendly people, but this is not all that makes Dalias a unique and unforgettable place; it is the birthplace of “Saint Father Jose Maria Rubio”.

The small town of Dalias is blessed and honored by Lord as an extraordinary Saint´s arrival on earth took place there and the town became immortalized forever.

Saint Father Jose Maria Rubio, who belongs to the Society of Jesus, set many milestones during his lifetime, making the archbishop of Madrid “Leopoldo Eijo y Garay” describe him as “The Apostle of Madrid.” The Vatican beatified him in 1985 and Pope John Paul ll declared him Saint on May 4th 2003 during a grand ceremony held in Madrid with the presence of thousands of people, among them a proud group of Dalianses.

His services to the poor left a great mark on humanity and his passion to evangelize the lost sheep of God set a great example for all of us and helps us realize the real purpose of life.

If you have not yet had a chance to learn more about Saint Father Jose Maria Rubio, you are recommended to visit the beautiful town of Dalias where you can visit a museum of Saint Father Jose Maria Rubio which helps you to know more about many aspects of his life such as, his family, his childhood, his services to God, and how others have viewed him. The museum also contains many of his personal belongings that show us how simple and Godly he lived.

The holy birthplace of Saint Father Jose Maria Rubio can also be visited, and just few steps away you will be able to visit the home where he grew up and lived until his adolescence when he left for seminary in Almeria. In the very heart of the town stands the Church “Saint Maria of Ambrox” where Saint Father Jose Maria Rubio was baptized. The Church and the entire town of Dalias had a deep impact on father Rubio and his daily life.

People of Dalias feel extremely proud that a man of God like Saint Father Jose Maria Rubio was born and lived in their town.

Father Saint Father Jose Maria Rubio, the memory of your faith and views will always remain with us.