July 15, 2024

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Education and skills for poor Christian men & women


Christians are the second-largest minority group in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, representing about 1.6% of the population. The majority of this population remains in the poorest sector of society having menial jobs such as sweepers or sewage workers.

Christian women in Pakistan are especially vulnerable as for being uneducated, and are forced to work as domestic workers or laborers in brick kilns where they are often treated as slaves in inhumane conditions.

Religious intolerance and discrimination are the definite obstacles of their situation, but the biggest difficulty they face is lack of education and skills. By resolving these two things Christians in Pakistan can stand on their feet and work for the betterment of their families and community, as they deserve to be treated equally and live with respect and dignity.

Our platform will help such Christians to study, receive professional training in different fields regardless of their age and allow them to have better employment opportunities. Depending on their interests we shall get them enrolled in schools, colleges, universities and special institutes to get skilled training.

Initially, we aim to help a group of 50 poor, uneducated and previously badly treated Christian men and women. And by the grace of our almighty God we shall keep providing such help to many more Christians across the nation.

The cost to educate and prepare one person to stand on his or her own feet is about 50 Euros a month. Your continuous support for one year could bring a tremendous difference in an individual´s life. Your precious gift and generosity would help us to pay for their educational fee and also cover the expenses for their books and transportation.

Please open your hearts today for your Christian brothers and sisters who have the right to live a respectful life, and that is only possible if we share our means with them, considering them part of the body of Christ.

If you decide to sponsor one Christian man or woman in Pakistan, please contact us today. Your help will be directed to the most deserving candidate and you will be provided a monthly report on their improved situation.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam – For the Greater Glory of God. Amen.