May 24, 2024

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Helping the families of blasphemy law´s victims


Pakistan’s blasphemy law is infamous worldwide for its abuse against Christians. We are nobody to judge the law or constitution of Pakistan and we fully respect the authorities of the nation and their stance to maintain the law and order in its territory. But we cannot deny the fact that in recent years many poor and innocent Christians have been falsely accused, tortured and even killed due to this law. It has become such an easy tool to persecute the Christians that it is often wrongfully used to resolve trivial quarrel, personal grudge or property matters.

There are many organizations which help such victims of blasphemy law and provide them with moral and legal support, but often their family members are abandoned and left in misery when the only financial provider of the family has been thrown unjustly behind the bars. We want to help such families who are forced to leave their homes and live in hiding due to the risk of being tortured for being relatives of an alleged blasphemer.

Currently there are 20 to 30 Christian families in Pakistan whose family members are either being prosecuted for committing blasphemy or are in hiding to avoid persecution and save their lives. Many families have contacted us desperately asking for help for their survival or reallocation to a safer place.

If you feel pain for your persecuted brothers and sisters who are being harassed unjustifiably and you want to be their helping hand in these difficult moments you can donate today by clicking below or sending us an email to request our bank account details. Your help will bring a smile and dim hope of light to the faces of those persecuted Christians in Pakistan who constantly live under the shadow of the fear and uncertainty. For further inquiries you can contact us and we shall provide you with the complete information on how and where your help will be utilized.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam – For the greater glory of God. Amen.