April 25, 2024

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St. Francis Xavier Catholic Community Center, Ghaka Mittar, Pakistan

Ghaka Mittar, a small village in the province of Punjab in Pakistan with an approximate population of 5,000 inhabitants. Majority of the population of the town is Muslim but there are approximately 1000 Christians residing in this village below the poverty line and for being uneducated, are forced to work as domestic workers or laborers in brick kilns where they are often treated as slaves in inhumane conditions.

The spiritual part of their lives is also empty as there is no Catholic Church in this village. The closest Catholic Church is located 5 km. away in Thatha Faqir Ullah, Gujranwala. If they are not even capable of properly feeding their families, then how are they able to travel daily or weekly to Thatha Faqir Ullah to attend the Church?  

In realization of the strong spiritual need for the Word of God, we have established the “Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Community Center” in this tiny village. We are inspired by Saint Francis Xavier, for he traveled the world knowing that many do not become Christians simply because they do not have anyone to teach and preach the Gospel.

This Catholic community center will organize Bible studies for adults, Catechism for children, hold meetings, outings and sports events in the Catholic spirit, and help people to truly know the Word of God and equip them with the knowledge to share the Gospel with others. As part of the study programmes, students will be provided with Bibles, Catholic books, CDs and DVDs explaining the Gospel in their native languages such as Urdu or Punjabi.

The center will also help the uneducated and illiterate Christian men and women to learn to read and write so they may be able to find better jobs and rightfully live with dignity and respect.

We would like to establish such Catholic community centers in other small villages and cities across Pakistan where there is neither a Catholic Church nor anyone to teach about Jesus Christ and help maintain a Catholic education for those born Catholic.

In order to keep the “Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Community Center” in Ghaka Mittar and to establish other centers in Pakistan, we need your kind and generous help. Your support will enable us to bring a positive difference in the lives of thousands of Christians. Please contact us today through our website and let us know if God has moved your heart to become part of this mission.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam – For the greater glory of God. Amen.