July 15, 2024



Freedom of Expression for Christians in Pakistan!

Freedom of Expression for Christians in Pakistan - Christian Persecution

The constitution of Pakistan guarantees the right of freedom of expression of its citizens but that confirmation holds mere value when it is supposed to be applied on a citizen belonging to minorities. A Muslim can freely and publicly express his/her opinion if he/she does not agree with the social norms or political moves while on the contrary if a Christian or Hindu practices that constitutional right he/she would be threatened of being killed, accused of committing blasphemy or burnt alive by the Ummah of a peaceful religion representing the most intolerable nation on the earth.

One such case recently drew the attention when Usman Iqbal, a Christian human rights activist denounced the persecution he has been facing in result of his videos on social networking sites, especially on his Facebook Page. Nothing offensive towards Muslims or the Islamic faith has been found in Mr. Usman Iqbal´s videos yet he is being targeted for being part of minorities. Imran Khan, the prime minister of Pakistan runs an international campaign against Islamophobia in west ignoring the fact that in Pakistan under his own leadership people of faiths other than Islam are gravely persecuted and deprived of their basic human rights.

On one hand, Usman Iqbal´s recent videos have received hundreds of thousands of views as people support his opinions, and on the other hand he has been receiving threats from so called progressive and modern Muslim youth who threaten of killing him brutally just because they do not agree with his stance.

Usman Iqbal is paying the consequences of fighting for the rights of voiceless and vulnerable Christian community in Pakistan. He has filed a request for protection in the police but no action has been taken yet. The authorities would probably wait for the bloodthirsty Muslim mob to kill him first so they can later investigate and justify their efforts.