May 24, 2024

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Catholic Television is a non-profit tool used to help spread the good word of Jesus Christ based on the spiritual principles and teachings of Saint Ignacio of Loyola.


Following the example of the Jesuit missionaries from the past until today, we have created this tool of social communication to allow the Word of God to reach all people who have not yet had the opportunity to know the truth revealed by Jesus Christ and His disciples due to the lack of knowledge, language barriers or impositions and restrictions by third parties.


This media strives to allow people from all different countries in their own languages to learn of the Gospel, and for this, we need your help. Your support permits us to continue advancing faithfully in the Lord’s mandate and we are truly thankful for your collaboration.  


If you would like to support our mission, you may do so simply by clicking Continue. If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please contact us via email to obtain our account information. Thank you very much and God bless.