February 25, 2024



Najam Stephen – Empowering Christians Through Education

In the country of Pakistan there are shocking statistics, which reflect the illiteracy and respective poverty of many young Christian children living there. Out of every three Pakistani Christian children, two have never received an education, and 75% of the approximate three million Christians in Pakistan live below the poverty line.

Najam Stephen is a Pakistani Christian who has devoted his life to the salvation of fellow Christians in need of help. His father inspired him with the belief that; “Christians in Pakistan deserve to be treated equally and live with respect and dignity, and for that they must be provided education”.

Najam began to offer free access to education through various platforms in the year 1998, and by 2007 he had rented a basic building with the dream of creating a school. This school in Youhanabad Lahore is called “Basharat-e Ibn-e Maryam” and provides free education for both poor and abandoned Christian children.

Since its creation, Najam’s school has helped thousands of children with their learning and they have gone on to be responsible, productive Pakistani citizens who contribute positively to the country’s economy. A basic education has guided these otherwise forgotten Christian children towards a better future for them and their families.

Najam’s ambitions have grown following ten years of success stories at his school.  He aims to upgrade the institution to a collegiate level and thus provide essential education and skills for both teenagers and adults. However this ambitious mission will not be an easy nor cheap mission for Najam. He will have to cover salaries of workers, including teachers and cleaning staff, and cover both the rent and utility bills that a larger building will produce. In addition, each semester Najam also finances school material and books, the costs of which are high. 

Najam needs outside help to cover these expenses. He is eager to purchase a building so as to avoid monthly rental payments and use any money this saves on other educational resources for the students. Najam’s cause is a wonderful and inspiring example of Christian goodwill, and as fellow Christians we ask you to join him in his mission. Let’s help him to change the lives of Pakistani people who without our help cannot even afford a basic meal.  Please contact Najam today to offer any support you can. Each small contribution will make a big difference to many lives. Amen.