May 23, 2024



Evening Acts of Thanksgiving

Sunday We give you thanks and praise, Almighty Father, for having called us today to celebrate the eternal covenant of our redemption. Make this evening holy, and never withdraw your love from us. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. Monday Thank you, Lord, for the love and protection you have shown us throughout this day. Stretch… Continue reading Evening Acts of Thanksgiving

For All Good Things

Loving God, who sees in us nothing that you have not given yourself, make my body healthy and agile, my mind sharp and clear, my heart joyful and contented, my soul faithful and loving. And surround me with the company of men and angels who share my devotion to you. Above all, let me live… Continue reading For All Good Things

An Easter Prayer

It is very meet and right, with all the powers of heart and mind, and with the service of the lips, to praise the invisible God, the Father Almighty, and His only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who paid the debt of Adam for us to the Eternal Father, and effaced the bond of the… Continue reading An Easter Prayer